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Key Technical Solutions for the BN-350 Power Unit That Have Influenced the BN Reactor Design Evolution

9/25/2023 2023 - #03 Letters ti the editorial office

Kamaev A.A.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2023.3.12

UDC: 621.039.5

The paper describes the history of building and operating the BN-350 reactor in terms of solving the issues the developers of the BN fast reactors face at the stage of commercializing sodium cooled fast neutron reactors. The key objectives of the BN-350 project are formulated. Stages of the BN-350 production reactor design, development, commissioning and operation are described chronologically with a brief description of the issues involved and the results achieved through their solution.

The influence of the knowledge on the BN-350 reactor operation in the process of building and operating the BN-600 and BN-800 reactors has been shown for the selection of technical solutions for the reactor systems, and the key components and parameters of sodium circuits implemented in the BN-600 and BN-800 reactor designs.


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sodium coolant production reactor BN-350 primary circuit sodium circuit flow diagram characteristics of Russian-designed BN fast reactors large-scale factor multi-purpose reactor

Link for citing the article: Kamaev A.A. Key Technical Solutions for the BN-350 Power Unit That Have Influenced the BN Reactor Design Evolution. Izvestiya vuzov. Yadernaya Energetika. 2023, no. 3, pp. 140-145; DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2023.3.12 (in Russian).