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The Effect of Errors in the Neutron Flux Density on the Uncertainties of Nuclear Concentrations of Nuclides Arising During the Calculation of Fuel Burnup in Cells with Different Neutron Spectra

6/20/2022 2022 - #02 Modelling processes at nuclear facilities

Pisarev A.N. Kolesov V.V. Kolesov D.V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2022.2.12

UDC: 621.039.51

Computational studies showing the complex temporal dependence of uncertainties in nuclear concentrations of various nuclides arising from the transfer of the neutron flux density error in the burnup calculation process in cells with different neutron spectra on the above errors are carried out.

It is found that these uncertainties not only depend on the burnup time in a complex way, but also depend on the spectrum of the cell. The variants of the cell with thermal and fast neutron spectra were considered.

The calculations were performed using the VisualBurnOut program [14], which makes it possible to estimate these uncertainties arising due to errors in the input parameters of the burnup problem (reaction rates, neutron flux density, etc.).

The influence of the number of calculated burnup points on the results of burnup calculations by the Monte Carlo method was investigated. Uncertainties arising in nuclear concentrations at intermediate calculation steps due to errors in nuclear concentrations appearing at the previous step were taken into account in the calculations.


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reactor plant burnup calculations uncertainties in nuclear data uncertainties in nuclide nuclear concentrations Monte Carlo method neutron spectrum

Link for citing the article: Pisarev A.N., Kolesov V.V., Kolesov D.V. The Effect of Errors in the Neutron Flux Density on the Uncertainties of Nuclear Concentrations of Nuclides Arising During the Calculation of Fuel Burnup in Cells with Different Neutron Spectra. Izvestiya vuzov. Yadernaya Energetika. 2022, no. 2, pp. 128-137; DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2022.2.12 (in Russian).