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On Assessing the Efficiency of Investments in the Business Process Digitalization Program for NPP Design and Construction

6/15/2021 2021 - #02 Economics of nuclear power

Semenova D.Yu. Kharitonov V.V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2021.2.12

UDC: 621.039; 331.103.6; 658.5;

The close attention to ‘digital transformation’ observed in recent years is associated with the tasks of digitizing business processes, in which, in contrast to physical processes that have long been digitized, the interests and behavior of people play an important role. However, one of the least studied problems in the field of digitalization of the real sector of the economy, including nuclear power, is the assessment of the economic efficiency of investments in the business process digitalization. Investments in digitalization are interconnected with the cost of NPP electricity and other criteria of NPP competitiveness. As a criterion for assessing the efficiency of investments in the digitalization of the design and construction of NPPs, the authors of this article propose to consider the reduction in the cost and timing of the construction of NPPs, which have the greatest impact on the competitiveness of NPP projects in the global market. The results of calculations of criteria for the effectiveness of investments in NPP projects are presented: net discounted income, internal rate of return, payback period and present value of electricity. The obtained data show how the increase and decrease in the time and cost of construction of NPP power units affect the listed investment efficiency criteria. Based on the generalization of literature data, the article provides a systematized list of driving factors (drivers), possible directions and expected effects of digitalization of business processes to reduce the cost and duration of construction of new NPPs.


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NPP investment efficiency cost and construction time digitalization of NPP design and construction