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Development and Validation of the Software Tool «Interactive Unit Startup Procedure» as Part of Implementation of the Operator Information Support System at NVNPP

6/15/2021 2021 - #02 Nuclear power plants

Tuchkov M.Yu. Povarov P.V. Tikhonov A.I. Mayorova M.M.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2021.2.01

UDC: 621.039.566

This article is focused on the current issue of developing an operator information support system (OISS) for the Novovoronezh NPP-2 project. One of the main reasons to raise this topic is the MCR operator’s overload with data due to the greatly increased information flows related to the VVER-1200 Process I&C compared to the serially produced VVER-1000 power units. The other important reason, in the authors’ opinion, is the increased volume of existing procedures in hard copy due to the strengthened requirements for their registration and attempts to describe all possible failures and deviations in the programs and plant evolution sheet, work on them becomes complicated. In the era of ubiquitous digitalization, the paper procedures can only distract the attention of the operator overloaded with information. The obvious solution is to create a system providing automatic collection and analysis of information. In addition, the functionality of the operator information support system allows the use of operating experience, thus minimizing the impact of the human factor. The lack of knowledge or experience could be especially challenging with procedures being applied infrequently, for example, for starting up and shutting down the unit. The article deals with the development and functionality of interactive procedures and applicable requirements. During the development of the software product, special attention was paid to the ergonomics of the workplace and the convenience of operating personnel working according to an interactive procedure. Since the transition from the paper version of the programs can cause problems with reading the procedures and, ultimately, lead to the failure of the unit start-up time, the personnel of the operating station were directly involved in the development of interactive programs. Based on the review results, conclusions were made about the correctness of the approaches in developing the interactive procedures and validated solutions to be disseminated for all routine operations.


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operator information support system interactive procedure information alarm functions validation

Link for citing the article: Tuchkov M.Yu., Povarov P.V., Tikhonov A.I., Mayorova M.M. Development and Validation of the Software Tool «Interactive Unit Startup Procedure» as Part of Implementation of the Operator Information Support System at NVNPP. Izvestiya vuzov. Yadernaya Energetika. 2021, no. 2, pp. 5-14; DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2021.2.01 (in Russian).