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Using the Unit Simulation Model to Improve Design Solutions and Optimize Process Management

11/19/2020 2020 - #04 Nuclear power plants

Statsura D.B. Tuchkov M.Yu. Povarov P.V. Tikhonov A.I. Padun S.P. Vorobyov А.P. Mayorova M.M.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2020.4.04

UDC: 621.039.4

Advanced design power units are distinguished by a high degree of digital transformation. Therefore, the Operator Information Support System (OISS) is of particular interest, since it can reduce the workload on operating personnel as well as predict possible deviations long before they evolve into severe accidents.

The article analyzes the current standard process documentation that requires solutions to support the operator and determines the list of system functions that should be provided to improve the safety level of nuclear power plants.

A brief overview of the world experience in implementing such solutions is also provided. As an example of the further development of operator support system, the authors consider the operator information support system (OISS), which is being developed at the NvNPP pilot unit with the VVER-1200 reactor. The OISS functions will make it possible to fulfill the requirements of standard process documentation that are currently not implemented in the power unit design.

The key features of the OISS under development are step-by-step interactive procedures and the unit simulation model. The article provides a brief description of the power unit simulated model and considers several examples of its practical application as part of the OISS to improve design solutions and optimize automatic process control. Further implementation of the OISS is proposed at power units under construction in order to reduce the information overload of operators and create conditions for a step-by-step increase in the automation level of the power unit control.


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OISS technological process interactive procedure power unit model decision making monitoring design solutions optimization I&C algorithms