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Swelling of 16Cr-19Ni Class Steel at Dose Rate from 1⋅10–8 to 1.6⋅10–6 dpa/s

9/16/2020 2020 - #03 Nuclear materials

Kinev E.A.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2020.3.12

UDC: 621.039.531

The first data on ЭК)164ИД steel swelling after operational irradiation in the fast power reactor in the temperature range from 370 to 630°C and maximum damaging doses of 66 – 77 dpa are presented. The dose rate set along the length of the cladding tubes made of this material was 1⋅10–8 – 1.6⋅10–6 dpa/s.

Swelling was determined by hydrostatic weighing with an error of no more than 0.5%. The obtained results are analyzed depending on the irradiation parameters and in comparison with 16Cr)15Ni class material. The objectives of the study were to estimate the characteristic values of the maximum swelling temperature and dose, to calculate the average material swelling rate at the working temperature of irradiation, the incubation period of the beginning of swelling, the stationary swelling rate. It was found that the samples of tubes characterized before irradiation with austenite grain size of 9 – 12 μm have an average swelling rate of 0.035 – 0.05 %/dpa after reaching the maximum damaging doses of 66 – 77 dpa (at the rate of (1 – 1.5)⋅10–6 dpa/s) and not more than 0.035 %/dpa at doses less than 20 dpa (rate of 5⋅10–7 dpa/s). The characteristic temperature of the maximum swelling of the investigated material is in the range from 430 to 500°С. The characteristic dose of maximum swelling is in the range from 61 to 72.5 dpa or from 70 to 80% of the maximum gained dose. The incubation period of stationary swelling of the material is 30 dpa. Stationary swelling rate is 0.1 %/dpa.

Radiation resistance characteristics of the investigated material have advantage over those of 16Cr)15Ni class cladding materials in similar conditions of irradiation and close structural state inheriting grain size of 9 – 14 μm in the process of tube conversion.


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16Cr-19Ni class steel temperature dose rate average radiation-induced swelling rate