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Prospects of using the experimental experimental channels of IRT-T reactor in neutron capture therapy

3/19/2020 2020 - #01 Physics and technology of nuclear reactors

Anikin M.N. Lebedev I.I. Najmushin A.G.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2020.1.02

UDC: 621.039.556

Results of the neutronics calculation of the IRT-T reactor core for the purpose of selecting one of the horizontal experimental channels to serve as the basis for the installation for conducting activities in the field of neutron capture therapy (NCT) of socially significant diseases are presented in the present paper. Full-scale computational model was developed within the MCU-PTR software tool incorporating the detailed description of fuel assemblies, beryllium reflector blocks, shim rods of the control and protection system, as well as all experimental channels of the reactor. Detailed energy spectra of neutrons and photons in each horizontal channel of the reactor were obtained as the result of the performed calculation. Since minimization of the contribution of the dose generated by fast neutrons and photons in the total dose represents an important characteristic for the NCT, detailed dosimetry loads were determined within the area intended for irradiation of samples. KERMA-factors for neutrons and photons were used in the determination of dosimetry parameters of the beam taking into account the energy distribution. It was demonstrated that the absolute values of the neutron flux density are higher in the radial experimental channels of the reactor, but, however, smaller contribution of fast neutrons and photons in the tangential horizontal channel allows formulating the conclusion that tangential channel is preferable for developing NCT installation. Possible approaches for modernization of HEC-1 channel for creating appropriate conditions for irradiation of cellular structures and small biological objects were identified. The expected result of the modernization will allow performing research of efficiency and toxicity of new drugs for the delivery of boron and other elements with high absorption cross-sections.


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