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Determination of 18-month fuel cycle parameters with goal of fuel costs minimization at the basis of use constructions of fuel assemblies in VVER-1200 reactors

9/20/2018 2018 - #03 Fuel cycle and nuclear waste management

Hashlamoun T.M. Vygovskiy S.B. Leskin S.T.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2018.3.10

UDC: 621.039.542:621.039.548:621.311.25

This article presents the results of research, that were focused on determining the optimal parameters of the extension of reactor fuel cycle in order to reduce the total operating costs of nuclear power plants during the transition from 12-month reactor fuel cycle to 18-month fuel cycle.

The relevance of the research is related to the fact that, in recent years, there is a transition at all operating nuclear power plants WWER-1000 (1200) from 12-month reactor fuel cycle to extended 18-month fuel cycle. At the same time, represent the interests to solve the problem of conservation the extension of reactor fuel cycle while reducing the number of loaded fuel assemblies with fresh fuel assemblies which would reduce the total operating and fuel costs. Search for solutions of this problem is associated with mandatory implementation of all requirements for the safe operation of the reactor and the reduction of the maximum fast neutron fluence on the reactor vessel in comparison with its value at the operating nuclear power plants.

In the present work, with using the program PROSTOR software complex researched the neutron-physical characteristics of the core at the nominal parameters of the VVER-1200 reactor through the implementation of various fuel cycle strategies. The article developed various schemes of fuel reloading for an 18-month fuel cycle with a different number of fuel assemblies. The article carries out a comparative analysis of the main parameters in the core for fuel reloading schemes options of an 18- and 12-month fuel cycle with each other. Determine the minimum amount of fuel assemblies and provide the necessary duration of the reactor fuel cycle for 18-month fuel cycle with using the extension of reactor fuel cycle by reducing the power at the end of the reactor cycle to 70% of the nominal power. In the article the arrangements of fuel assemblies were developed to provide field limitations of local power by volume of the core, which reduce the fluence of fast neutrons on the reactor vessel in comparison with the projected value of the fluence. This article shows that the 18-month fuel cycle for the VVER-1200 reactor is more economical than the 12-month fuel cycle. These studies were carried out for the VVER-1200 reactor at the power of 100% of the nominal.


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