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Seismic safety evaluation during site selection for the nuclear power plants in Bangladesh

9/20/2018 2018 - #03 Nuclear power plants

Hossain I. Аkbar M.Sh. Shcheklein S.E.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2018.3.02

UDC: 621.1

Bangladesh lies in a tectonically active zone. Earlier geological studies show that Bangladesh and its adjoining areas are exposed to a threat of severe earthquakes. Earthquakes may have disastrous consequences for a densely populated country. This dictates the need for a detailed analysis of the situation prior to the construction of nuclear power plants as required by the IAEA safety standards. This study reveals the correlation between seismic acceleration and potential damage. Procedures are presented to study the seismic hazard in the future NPP construction area. It has been shown that the obtained values of the earthquake’s peak ground acceleration are at a level below the design basis earthquake (DBE) level and will not lead to the nuclear power plant malfunctions. For the strongest of the recorded and closely located earthquake centers (Madhupur), the intensity of seismic impacts on the nuclear power plant site does not exceed eight points on the MSK64 scale. The existing predictions as to the possibility of a super earthquake with a magnitude of above nine on the Richter scale to take place in the territory of the country indicate the need to build an additional effective seismic diagnostics system and to transfer nuclear power plants in good time to passive heat removal as stipulated by the WWER 3+ design. A conclusion is made that the account of the predicted seismic impacts in excess of the historically recorded levels should be provided by the establishment of an additional effective seismic diagnostics system and by the timely transfer of nuclear power plants to passive heat removal with reliable isolation of the reactor core and the spent nuclear fuel pools.


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seismic hazard parameters IAEA seismic acceleration and damage peak ground acceleration