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Capabilitites of gamma(spectrometry methods for on(line monitoring of nitride SNF pyrochemical reprocessing

6/22/2018 2018 - #02 Fuel cycle and nuclear waste management

Kanashov B.A. Smirnov V.P. Kadilin V.V. Ibragimov R.F. Dedenko G.L. Vlasik G.F. Rudenko V.S. Glagovskij E.M. Lupar E.E. Poletov G.V. Lomtev E.A. Smirnov A.A. Hrunov V.S.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2018.2.08

UDC: 621.039.546

The paper reports the first test results for detectors of various types and equipment of gamma-spectrometry channels under external radiation originating from pyrochemical reprocessing of spent mixed nitride uranium-plutonium (MNUP) fuel. Testing was carried out on a solid-state detector with a CdZnTe crystal, a scintillation detector with a LaBr3crystal, and an ionization chamber based on compressed xenon. Simulated external gamma radiation was created by means of a Co-based scattered gamma radiation source. The paper also describes an experimental facility and a measurement technique, and discusses results of the facility testing for the three types of detectors. The solid-state detector was proved to have the best performance. However, achieving the design characteristics of the gamma spectrometry channel requires new solutions for protection and collimation of gamma radiation produced by a real MNUP spent nuclear fuel reprocessing facility. What is meant here is the influence of the detectors’ geometry on the configuration of a protective collimator which is supposed to be used in real conditions. Thus, if a CXIC based system is used, the calculated mass of the protective collimator is 900 kg, while it is possible to use less massive protection for the other detectors. In addition, the factor of the presence of neutron radiation in reprocessing process can be taken into account when manufacturing neutron shielding for detectors based on CdZnTe and LaBr3. It is possible to surround the protective collimator by an inhibitor layer (for example, polyethylene), and inside the collimator, to create a skin from a thermal neutron absorber (for example, based on cadmium).


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pyrochemical process mixed nitride uranium-plutonium SNF (MNUP SNF) pyroelectrochemical refining fission products on-line monitoring of nuclear materials gamma spectrometry experimental facility