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The experience of implementing the design chemistry during the NVNPP II 1 commissioning

10/02/2017 2017 - #03 Chemistry, physics and technology of reactor coolants

Vitkovsky S.L. Danilov A.P. Shchedrin M.G. Kolyagina I.A.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2017.3.16

UDC: 621.311

The article covers the results of the design chemistry implementation during the commissioning of the innovative Unit № 1 at the Novovoronezh NPP II, equipped with the VVER-1200 reactor. The design chemistry is composed of the requirements for primary and secondary coolant quality, recirculating coolant water (including essential service water), solutions for safety systems operation as well as tools for their conditioning. Chemical water treatment plays a significant role at all stages of commissioning and low power testing. An analysis is made of essential system reactivation and cleansing stages, preliminary treatment technologies, primary and secondary circuit chemical water treatment, and radioactive water treatment. The design advantages are highlighted, such as the use of reverse osmosis as one of the stages of water treatment and high-pressure filters on the bypass purge system. Consideration is given to some problematic issues that arose in the course of the start-up operations during the re-opening of the equipment, the processing of radioactive trap water and in the recycling water supply system. The authors also analyze the design flaws and issues that may arise in the course of continuous operation and the ways to solve them: (1) provide a reference technology and equipment for the processing of radioactive drain water; (2) exclude washing with chlorinated hydrocarbons from the technology of re-opening the TG internal surfaces; (3) apply water treatment with inhibitors providing calcium transport with a value close to 100% to the circulating water supply system with a cooling tower or (4) provide liming of all additional water for southern NPPs to minimize the carbonate index.


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design chemistry chemical water treatment preliminary treatment radioactive water treatment cleansing passivation sedimentation reagents