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Dynamic stability of the VVER-1200 power unit

10/02/2017 2017 - #03 Physics and technology of nuclear reactors

Gusev I.N. Kazanskiy V.R. Vitkovsky I.L.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2017.3.02

UDC: 621.039

The paper discusses the results of critical experiments to study the dynamic stability of a power unit with the VVER-1200 reactor conducted as part of the pre-commissioning activities at the pilot operation stage of Novovoronezh NPP II’s unit No. 1.

The following dynamic tests were conducted: – trip of one feedwater pump (PEN) with no standby PEN actuated at the power level of 100% Nnom, involving a detailed analysis of a variation in the process parameters of such mode and the process dynamics, and an assessment of the test results on a full-scale simulator; – trip of one out of four reactor coolant pump sets (RCPS) in operation at the power level of 100% Nnom and a safety assessment for the reactor plant in terms of the core thermal reliability; – turbine generator (TG) load shedding to the auxiliary level with assessments of the behavior of major reactor plant characteristics.

The paper presents recordings for transients and safety-related process parameters, and describes the operation of the unit components and essential controls in the course of the dynamic tests. A conclusion is made based on an analysis of the test results that the VVER-1200 unit has a high dynamic stability.

The results of the dynamic stability investigations for unit 1 of Novovoronezh II make it possible to provide a number of recommendations for further projects, including specifically the following: – accelerated warning protection (AWP) should be used instead of reducing and limiting power for modes with disconnected feedwater electric pumps; – generator-grid timing devices should be used for modes with the unit operating for auxiliary power supply; – Russian-designed software and hardware tools should be fully switched over to for implementing both normal operation and safety control systems, since updating the protection and disabling algorithms used in the AREVA software and hardware package introduced at Novovoronezh II requires the developer authorization which involves substantial time and financial expenditures.


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