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Investigation of the structural condition of Fe-15Cr-35Ni-11W steel in irradiated ion-plasma flows

6/21/2017 2017 - #02 Nuclear materials

Malynkin V.G. Platonova E.V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2017.2.06

UDC: 620.18

It was found that under the influence of ion-plasma treatment radiation-induced structural-hase transformations in the high-alloy superalloy Fe-15Cr-35Ni-11W differ from the transformations in steels of the type 0X18H10T and 0X16N15M3B, widely used in nuclear power engineering. These differences were established with the help of X-ray analysis, which showed that additional reflections on the X-ray patterns of irradiated samples of the Fe-15Cr-35Ni-11W alloy appear from the side of large angles relative to the reflections of the initial solid solution. At the same time, detailed X-ray diffraction studies carried out by the authors earlier showed that X-ray diffraction patterns of iron-chromium alloys of the type 0X18 (10-30) H, additionally doped Ti, Mo, Nb, Al in an amount of 1–3% and irradiated with ion-plasma The additional peaks appeared from the side of smaller angles.

It is established that in both cases the formed phase is isomorphic to the matrix phase and is thermally metastable, and unlike the 0X18H10T steel, the Fe-15Cr-35Ni-11W alloy undergoes softening. The analysis of literature data on the causes capable of causing similar structural-phase transformations in materials subjected to intensive ion-plasma treatment is analyzed. The concentration of package defects in the alloy Fe-15Cr-35Ni-11W and the steel 0X18H10T in the deformed state was determined by the X-ray diffraction analysis. It was found that the concentration of packing defects in this state in steel 0X18H10T is 4 times higher, which indicates a lower packing defect energy Steel 0Х18Н10Т. It is concluded that the observed effects are associated with the mechanism of radiation-induced plastic deformation. In the Fe-15Cr-35Ni-11W alloy, structural-phase changes are associated with deformation by twinning, in contrast to 0X18H10T steel, in which the observed transformations are due to slip deformation.


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ion-plasma treatment austenitic stainless steel X-ray diffraction-pattern stacking faults slip deformation twinning deformation