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Experimental investigation of heat mass exchange processes at the VVER steam generator in emergency condensing mode

3/22/2017 2017 - #01 Global safety, reliability and diagnostics of nuclear power installations

Shlepkin A.S. Morozov A.V. Kalyakin D.S. Soshkina A.S.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2017.1.03

UDC: 621.039.58:536.423.4

To evaluate the efficiency of the VVER steam generator and investigation of the influence of the initial conditions of the accident on the processes of heat exchange in the steam generator (SG) tube bundle, the «GE2M-PG» facility was constructed at the JSC « SSC RF-IPPE ». It was used in two series of experiments with and without removal of the steam-gas mixture (SGM) of the steam generator cold collector.

In experiments with removal of the steam-gas mixture, it was found that the condensation of the steam generator power is largely dependent on the volume of gas concentration in a vapor stream, while their ratio in the gas mixture, as well as the physical properties of the gases do not have a noticeable effect on the SG condensation power. In addition, evaluations were made of the influence of the SGM flow removal from the cold collector on the steam generator operation in condensing mode. It turned out that a decrease ~ 25- in the SGM removal of the condensing power of the steam generator is reduced by ~ 28-.

The experiments without removal of the gas-vapor mixture made it possible to assess the impact of various non-condensable gases on the heat exchange process. It has been found that, in addition to the direct reduction of the heat transfer coefficient, the non-condensable gases have a negative impact on the passive heat removal system capacity. At the same time, the higher the accumulation rate of gases, the passive heat removal system power is greatly reduced. Also, a dependency was derived of temperature differences between the circuits, the steam generator power and the concentration of non-condensable gases.


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PWR steam generators passive safety systems passive heat removal system non-condensable gases steam-gas mixture