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Experimental studies into the processes accompanying an intercircuit steam generator break in the safe operating limits in HLMC reactor facilities

3/28/2016 2016 - #02 Chemistry, physics and technology of reactor coolants

Beznosov A.V. Bokova T.A. Novozhilova O.O. Meluzov A.G. Metrinsky R.A. Novinsky E.G.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2016.2.15

UDC: 621.039

The results of the processes accompanying emergency «leakage of the steam generator (SG) between circuits» in the operating and safety limits in the reactor facilities with lead and lead-bismuth coolant (HLMC). Consumption of water, steam, entering through leaks in the coolant, consistent bubble and, in part, flare regimes expiration with the simulation conditions of the steam generator operation. Varied water flow regimes, the steam through the expiration of the holes of different geometry in the pipe system of SG, through a side opening in the narrowed portion of the ejector in the working gap of the labyrinth-screw pump with simulations varying degrees of dispersion bubbles «easy» phase in the coolant. The temperature of the molten lead was 400 – 550°C, pressure – 0,1 – 4,0 kgf2/cm, the water temperature at the inlet to the experimental plot 20°C, water pressure – 0,2 – 8,0 kgf2/cm, the water flow introduced into the liquid metal coolant – 0,5 – 200 kg/hr continuous steam pressure on the free surface of the coolant lead to 10.0 m3/m2⋅hr.

To vary the geometry of the flow channels of two-component streams: HLMC -water, steam, as well as design elements, streamlined two-component stream.

The results of analysis of investigation confirms the continuing ability exploitation the reactor plant with HLMC when the «leak the steam generator between circuits» crash occurs, with water and steam flow in exploitation-safety limits.

During such reactor circuit crash the pipes of steam generator system are exposed by strong temperature cycle vibrations. These vibrations could lead to fatigue damage of the pipes. It should be considered in designing of the steam generator system pipes in part of its resource and safety.


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