Izvestiya vuzov. Yadernaya Energetika

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System and economic optimization problems of NPPs and ITS ideology

3/28/2016 2016 - #01 Economics of nuclear power

Klimenko A.V. Mironovich V.L.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2016.1.16

UDC: 519.87:621.039.5

The iterative circuit design of optimization of system of links of nuclear fuel and energy complex (NFEC) is presented. One of such links is the nuclear power (NP). Optimization of parameters of a nuclear power plant (NPP) is linked is iterative with structure NP optimization as system NFEC link. Sequentially optimizing system NFEC links, gain link functions between links - material flows and their prices as time functions. On each iteration by optimization of a concrete link the external streams and the external prices are taken from optimization on the same iteration of other links of system NFEC. In turn, streams and the prices gained as a result of optimization of the observed link on some iteration, are transmitted for optimization of other links of system NFEC on the same iteration. By the same principle are optimized also concrete NPPs. So, sequentially optimizing all links of system NFEC, convergence of plans (solutions) of development and disposing of all links achieve. In this case convergence of all functions of a time, including material flows and the prices of materials is ensured. This convergence ensures determination of one or several is local-optimum plans for development and disposing of the fuel and energy complex (FEC) of Russia, and together with it and power plants (PPs) at an coal, PPs on gas, NPPs. If is local-optimum plans countable number, that, comparing their objective functionals (values of the objective function), it is possible to choose best of them. At arrival of the new information concerning any factor of mathematical models of links of system NFEC, it is necessary to make optimization of system of links anew. Optimization in this case should be conducted with allowance for the made costs which are under construction and already injected powers.

Problems of system optimization of links NFEC as functional of optimization NPP are indicated. Till now there is no theory of degenerate optimization problems. Meanwhile, such problems are real problems. One of the important problems of degenerate optimization problems is the problem of convergence of iterations by optimization of the arbitrary link of system NFEC to the is local-optimum plan of this link agreed is local-optimum plans of remaining links of system NFEC. Other important problem of degenerate optimization problems is the nature of these problems generating iterated loops in inner iterations by optimization of the plan of a separate link of system NFEC. It requires turning on in algorithms of optimization still algorithms of escaping of loops.


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degenerate optimization problem system nuclear fuel and energy complex economy power engineering electric power system power plant nuclear power plant optimality competitive strength