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Development and verification of a software system for probabilistic safety analysis of nuclear installations project direction «PRORYV»

3/28/2016 2016 - #01 Global safety, reliability and diagnostics of nuclear power installations

Abramov L.V. Bakhmetyev A.M. Bylov I.A. Vasyuchenkov A.A.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2016.1.01

UDC: 621.039.58:621.039.526

Implementing of the probabilistic safety analysis (PSA) presumes the development of complicated computer model of the nuclear plant along with comprehensive study of reliability and safety that requires appropriate software. In 2013 – 2015, JSC «Afrikantov OKBM» developed and verified the PSA software system CRISS 5.3 under the project «New generation codes» of the «Proryv» project area.

The main requirements for integrated PSA software system CRISS 5.3 were determined by the following features of nuclear plants developed under the «Proryv» project area in view of PSA, namely: – complication of the logical-and-probabilistic models of the nuclear plant; – taking account of the large scope of emergency sequences, including those with the low realization probabilities; – analysis of reliability of accident high redundancy systems; – reduction of the cutoff level for minimal cutest probabilities by several orders during the analysis.

In the course of software system CRISS 5.3 development, the experience in development and operation of PSA software for the Russian nuclear power plants was taken into account. The paper presents brief review and analysis of possibilities of the software (RiskSpectrum and CRISS 5.1) used for NPP power units PSA.

The developed software system CRISS 5.3 is briefly described. Using this software system, it is possible to implement the tasks of full-scale PSA, which is performed by fault tree and event tree methods. The program does not restrict PSA model site. Software system CRISS 5.3 is based on client-server architecture using common administered database where user rights to make changes are differentiated.

The results of software system CRISS 5.3 verification are given. The verification was done by comparison of results of analysis using CRISS 5.3 software with analytic formulae, as well as results of qualitative and quantitative analysis using certified PSA software for nuclear plants.


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probabilistic safety analysis nuclear installation verification software fault tree event tree