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Parametric analysis of space nuclear power plants in thermodynamic design variables

10/23/2015 2015 - #03 Physics in nuclear power engineering

Yuferov A.G. Nikolaev M.A.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2015.3.12

UDC: 629.7

The purpose of the work is to analyze the influence of the efficiency and the temperatures on a specific mass of space power plant and a specific area of cooler-radiator with taking into account the heat losses and mass subsystems. As a tool for parametric analysis the sensitivity function of the specific characteristics to a variation of design variables is used. It is shown that the sensitivity function can be used as a criterion defining the area of optimality and similarity of the SNPS different types. To specify allowable ranges of design variables the form of the specific characteristics with the clear interdependencies of the objective functions and design variables is proposed. These results demonstrate the uniextremal dependence of specific characteristics of the generalized design variables. It makes valid statement of optimization problem under these criteria of technical level SNPS.


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space nuclear power plants parametric analysis sensitivity function criteria of technical level