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Researches of hydrodynamic characteristics of coolant in VVER-1000 reactor mixed core of atomic power station «Temelin»

10/23/2015 2015 - #03 Thermal physics and thermal hydraulics

Dmitriev S.M. Doronkov D.V. Polozkova E.N. Pronin A.N. Sorokin V.D. Khrobostov A.E.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2015.3.11

UDC: 621.039

Results of researches of interassembly interaction of coolant flow in VVER-1000 core of Atomic Power Station «Temelin». Study of coolant flow process in fuel element bundle FA has been carried out on an aerodynamic experimental rig. VVER-1000 core fragment which consists of FA-12 PLUS and FA-T with stiffening angles and interassembly gap has been chosen as a model to receive more detailed information on hydrodynamic characteristics of coolant flow. Investigations of hydrodynamic characteristics of coolant have been consisted in measuring coolant flow velocity vector as in characteristic zones areas of FA, as in interassembly gap by means of the five-channel pneumometric probe. An analysis of spatial distribution of absolute velocity flow projections allowed to specificate pattern (picture) of flow-past spacer and mixing grids and combined spacer grids of FA, to determine realization zones of maximum cross-flow of coolant, depth of disturbance passage and redistribution of coolant rate in neighboring assemblies of FA. Investigation results of interassembly interaction of coolant between neighboring FAs are used in Afrikantov OKBM JSC to specify methods of hydraulic design VVER-1000 cores and have been included in a data-base for verifying CFD codes (Computation Fluid Dynamics) and for detailed cell-wise calculation VVER-1000 reactor cores.


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core FA spacer and mixing grids interassembly interaction coolant hydrodynamics