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Testing of the system code designed for simulation of hypothetical beyond design¬basis accident on fast breeder reactor

9/01/2015 2015 - #02 Modelling processes at nuclear facilities

Zaytsev A.A. Kazantsev A.A. Luk’yanov A.A. Supotnitskaya O.V. Semyonov V.N. Filippov M.F. Fokin A.L. Tsaun S.V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2015.2.06

UDC: 621.039.51

The paper is devoted to solution of an actual problem of development of system code for analysis of hypothetical beyond design-basis accidents (BDA) for fast breeder reactor.

The self-consistent simulation of the fission products (FP) behavior during accident involves modeling of the following phenomena: – fission products build-up in the fuel rods of core; – release of the fission products from fuel pellets to gas gap of fuel rod; – fuel rod cladding failure and FP release into primary circuit; – the FP transport in the primary circuit, taking into account adsorption and desorption – FP leakage to the NPP rooms from the primary circuit; – transport and sedimentation of FP in the NPP rooms; – FP leakage from NPP rooms to environment; – FP transport into environment.

The SOCRAT-BN system carries out calculations simultaneously with the KUPOL-BN and the NOSTRADAMUS codes.

Practical meaning of work consists in creating of the system code meant for safety analysis of fast breeder reactor (FBR). As the test the problem of hypothetical accident on the NPP was solved for FBR with leakage of radioactive isotopes into NPP rooms. The presented results of the solution of the test task confirm operability of the system code providing modeling of all specified chain of processes.

Scientific meaning of work consist on development of a technique of modeling of migration and adsorption of radioactive species in the sodium coolant. The program TRANS_FP module intended for modeling of transport of the radioactive fission products (RFP) and the radioactive products of corrosion (RPC) in the primary circuit and gas system of RF is created and integrated into SOCRAT-BN integrated software. The main physical phenomena describing transport and accumulation of RFP and RPC are considered.

In the conclusion it is noted out that as a result of work the program interface modules for data exchange between codes SOCRAT-BN, KUPOL-BN and NOSTRADAMUS are developed and checked.


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