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Self-organizing carbon nitride coatings on steel from molten lead-magnesium eutectic

4/04/2015 2015 - #01 Nuclear materials

Orlova E.A. Orlov Yu.I. Kryuchkov E.A. Komyshnyj V.N. Zhmurin V.G. Zagrebaev S.A. Kotovskij N.A. Dvorcevoj V.G.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2015.1.05

UDC: 621.039.534.6

The best way to solve the problem of compatibility of a liquid metal sublayer with fuel element cladding in the presence of nitride fuel is to provide spontaneous formation of a zirconium nitride coating on the steel surface in lead eutectic with a ratio of 2,25% wt. (0,164 nuclear shares) magnesium to 0,2% wt. zirconium. Self-curing of accidental damage to the cladding is thus provided. Corrosion damage and changes in the mass of 16Cr12WMoSiVNbB and Cr13Mo2Si2 steel samples were absent during 50-500 h their ampoule and loopback tests at a temperature of 873-1023 K. To in an eutectic of 2,25% of Mg-0,2 of % of Zr, with the rest being Pb, and also after tests at 973 K during 5700 h with a truncated model of the fuel element with uranium nitride core, a heat-transmitting underlayer of a specified structure and 16Cr12WMoSiVNbB steel cladding, with the covering previously created on it from zirconium nitride.

On the basis of pilot studies it is possible to recommend the use of the eutectic Pb-Mg alloy rich in zirconium as a liquid-metal sublayer in fuel elements with nitride fuel.

A working site has been developed to study the formation of nitride and (ore) carbide cover from eutectic Pb-Mg alloy in the narrow gap between coaxial tubes. Trial tests have been conducted.


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lead, magnesium zirconium nitride fuel element sublayer corrosion protection