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The software to test components of the integrated security systems of NPP of different developers on the integration

4/04/2015 2015 - #01 Global safety, reliability and diagnostics of nuclear power installations

Bezuglov D.Y. Trofimov M.A.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2015.1.04

UDC: 519.688

Physical protection of nuclear power plants provide an Integrated security system. Often the integration is reduced to developed specific solutions for interoperability between products from the same developer. In 2009, the standard was instituted JSC «Concern Rosenergoatom» STO The aim of this standard is the solution to the problem of compatibility of the products of different developers.

Compliance with this standard is confirms by certification. The automated stand and specialized software «AtomTest» was developing with the execution of works on certification. The program is working on the principle of the proxy server. The mechanism retransmission communication through standardized protocols between software components of the integrated security systems had been developing.

According to the test plan «AtomTest» connects, user notification, the expectation criteria continue, then you change the port number and, if available, the IP address set in the configuration bench computer, interception of messages circulating between software components, and substitute them in meaningful information.

When testing the program is providing: scan network traffic for compliance with UTF-8 encoding, syntax, and semantics of XML, XSD schema build commands and command sequences.

After testing the program is analyzing event log, with subsequent reporting format.html and .pdf then print. The steps are performed automatically without operator intervention.

According to the results of work performed six developers has gained certificates of compliance. This suggests the possibility of integration of components, integrated systems from different developers. It should also be noted the importance of further work in this direction.


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