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Environmental risk management with the use of multicriteria GIS for decisionmaking support

7/14/2013 2013 - #02 Environmental aspects

Didenko V.I. Yatsalo B.I. Gritsyuk S.V. Mirzeabasov O.A. Pichugina I.A.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2013.2.17

UDC: 503.2:504.064

Environmental riskbased land management requires implementation of tools for spatial information analysis, problemoriented models for assessment of risk values, and computer systems for decision making support. A new Decision Support System (DSS) DECERNS (Decision Evaluation in Complex Risk Network Systems) has been developed to address this class of problems. DECERNS is a webbased Spatial DSS (WebSDSS) for multicriteria analysis of a wide range of spatiallydistributed alternatives within the problems on risk management and landuse planning. This paper provides a brief overview of methods and tools used in DECERNS; application of DECERNS for a case study on multicriteria risk management for contaminated land resulting from Chernobyl is presented.