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Mechanical properties of E110 alloy at temperature range up to 1273K

7/14/2013 2013 - #02 Nuclear materials

Izmalkov I.N. Loshmanov L.P. Kostyukhina A.V.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2013.2.08

UDC: 620.172.251.222

E110 alloy is one of the main structural materials of VVER type reactor core. The effect of temperature up to 1273 K and strain rate on the mechanical properties of the E110alloy have been studied. The ring samplesmanufactured from VVER fuel rod cladding was tested. Tests have been conducted in the air and in a vacuum. As a result the strength and ductility properties of E110the alloy have been developed.