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Nuclear power of direct conversion in space missions of the 21st century

7/14/2013 2013 - #02 Current issues in nuclear energy

Yarygin V.I.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2013.2.01

UDC: 621.311:621.039

The short review of a current state of the scientific research and development activity in the field of creation of the space nuclear power plants (SNPP) submegawatt and megawatt class with thermoelectric and thermionic converters the thermal energy to electric for transport power modules and interorbital tows is submitted. The analysis of the main results received at the creation of SNPP of the first generation (SNAP10A, BUK, TOPAZ) is carried out and the main tasks and problems of the development of SNPP of the second generation are covered.

Topical issues of the use of SNPP and nuclear power propulsion systems for space exploration and the comparison of the characteristics of SNPP of direct and machine conversion of energy are considered.