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The Overimplicit Scheme of Incomplete Factorization Method for Solving the Three–dimensional Diferenсе Equations of Elliptic Type

5/29/2013 2013 - #01 Modelling processes at nuclear facilities

Ginkin V.P.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2013.1.09

UDC: 519.6:621.039.5

The over–implicit scheme of the incomplete factorization method (IFM) is proposed for solving the systems of linear algebraic equations that approximate the equations for neutron transport in the multigroup diffusion approximation, and the variant of combined IFM schemes is proposed, in which the peripheral compensation is used in the even iterations and is absent in uneven iterations. The numerical tests demonstrate high efficiency of developed IFM schemes. Proposed schemes are implemented into several 3D codes of neutron kinetics and are used in the practical calculation by the fast neutron reactor code GVA and by the code WIMSВОЛНА for the VVER1000 reactor lifetime calculation.