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Adsorption of Molecular Iodine from Gas-aerosol Environments and Water Solutions with a New Type of an Aluminum-Silicate Sorbent

12/29/2012 2012 - #04 Environmental aspects

Shilin V.A. Shilina A.S. Milinchuk V.K.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2012.4.07

UDC: 661.879:541.183

In the article presents the results of studies of sorption of iodine vapor from the gaze-aerosol media on aluminosilicate sorbents in static and dynamic modes. The sorption capacity of vapor of molecular iodine is 234 ± 1.0 mg/g. Factor extraction of iodine from the aerosol media during sorption under dynamic conditions is 99.5 ± 0.2%. The sorption capacity of silica-alumina sorbent for iodine, dissolved in water is 254 ± 12 mg/g. Aluminosilicate sorbent, modified Ag3CuI4, has a high ice-forming activity.