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The protection of steel surface at use of freon in NPP such as «BREST»

7/14/2012 2012 - #03 Nuclear materials

Orlova E.A. Gmurin V.G. Zagrebaev S.A. Orlov M.A. Shirshov Ya.N. Volov A.N. Torbenkova I.Yu. Tyichinskiy P.I. Arsentev M.C. Prochorova E.Yu.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2012.3.18

UDC: 621.039.534

Using fluorine-containing freon as a coolant in the second contour of fast reactors with heavy liquid-metal coolant of BREST type allows considerably decrease pressure and rise safety. There is a possibility of decreasing stability of freon which contacts with steel with raised content of silicon, using in heat-exchange equipment of such reactors and impoverishment of steel surface by silicon owing to formation of gaseous connection of silicon with fluorine of SiF4.

Fundamental opportunity of formation of sheeting MgF2 on steels of ferrite-martensite and austenite classes contacting with liquid magnesium and gaseous silicon tetrafluoride shown. The bending of steal samples on 135o has not resulted to bursting of a surface film. That testifies to plasticity and dense coupling of MgF2 covering with a surface of steel.