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Verification of TECHM and KORSAR/GP Computer Codes on the Basis of Experimental Results Obtained on Largescale Test Facility GE2MPG

7/14/2012 2012 - #03 Thermal physics and thermal hydraulics

Morozov A.V. Remizov O.V. Kalyakin D.S. Asyunin V.I. Schekoldin V.I. Zaitsev S.I. Zakutaev M.O.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26583/npe.2012.3.16

UDC: 621.039.58:536.423

The paper presents the results of calculations of the experiments conducted at the GE2M-PG test facility in SSC RF-IPPE. These experiments simulate the operation of steam generator during the cooling of the core of the “NPP-2006” VVER reactor by the joint action of passive safety systems HA-2 and PHRS in case of accidents with loss of primary coolant. The purpose of the work was to conduct a post test calculations and verification of computer codes TECH-M and KORSAR/GP in terms of modeling of heat transfer processes in a steam generator model at low heat fluxes in the presence of noncondensable gases, and without them. As a result of verification it is possible to conclude about the ability of computer codes to reproduce the phenomenon of non-condensable gases distribution, accumulation and their effects on heat transfer in a steam generator tube bundle.